One Last Free Day

Today is my eBook, Apocalypstick’s, final day on Amazon’s select program, and I’ve decide not to renew it. This means that you folks with Nooks, or any readers other than Kindles can get it for your device now. To make it even easier for you, I’ve made it free for One Final day! This will not happen again for this book, so get it now, and gift it to someone, if already have it.

I’m not doing a big promotion to announce it to everyone, just my blog and Facebook folks as a thanks for your support and friendship.

Go get your free eBook Kindle version of Apocalypstick, and if you have a minute, please leave a review on when you finish.




3 thoughts on “One Last Free Day

  1. I am looking forward to reading it. I have been very patient for it to be available on my Nook. Well, sort of patient. YOU ROCK GREG!!!

    • Hi Penelope Anne (if I may),
      I don’t have paperbacks yet, but I’d be happy to gift you a copy from, if that works for you. If you need a different format, let me know, and I’ll figure something out.
      It will be available in the next few days for for nook and various other readers, and paperbacks are forthcoming.
      Thanks for visiting my blog, and please give my thanks to your new friend for spreading the word!


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