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Beach Book Blast

Since I didn’t mention the Free Kindle Fire* in my previous Beach Book Blast post, and I was (purposefully) a bit cryptic, allow me, if you will, to clarify. Here is what Beach Book Blast is, and how it got started:

Early this month,

Tamara Ward, author of Storm Surge, Jade O’Reilly and the Ice Queen, and contributing author to the The WG2E All-For-Indies Anthologies: Winter Wonderland Edition, sent an innocent email to a small group of writers, asking if any of us would like to team up with her and offer a book for free on the same day(s). I thought this was a great idea, and so did a couple of other authors, so we started planning.

It turns out that more than couple of us thought it sounded good. Tamara’s little email with her great idea has blossomed into quite the big event. Now, less than two weeks later, we have

A Big Event, with:

  • A Date: May 23rd-25th,
  • A Name: Beach Book Blast,

I’d like to give Big Thanks to Indie Author Powerhouse and Pay it Forward Goddess, D. D. Scott, founder of the WG2E and the RG2E, for the Kindle Fire, and for including All of her books in the Beach Book Blast!

“Big Deal?” you ask. “I can get Free eBooks just about anywhere,” you say.

You are right! Thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Select program, authors offer their books for free all the time. So why is this different?

We are a group of writers dedicated to helping each other improve our craft, our skills, and our ability to personally connect with our readers. Beach Book Blast is our way of helping readers find some great new books by promoting some incredible indie writers. If you look at our bio page, you’ll Best Selling, Award Winning, indie and traditionally published, and international authors of just about any Genre you like.

So save the date. The Beach Book Blast officially begins on May 23rd, and ends three short days later, on May 25th 2012. Be nice to your friends, and tell them about it, too. They want free books and a chance to win that free Kindle Fire*, too.

[notice]*Earn multiple chances to win a free Kindle Fire by choosing any or all of the Rafflecopter options on the Beach Book Blast website. You don’t have to wait for the event to start. Start earning your extra contest entries Right Now![/notice]

[important]PS. You can get an early bird preview today and tomorrow, with free books by Meredith Bond and LC Giroux![/important]


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